About Us

Honda Established in 1985, the group has vast experience in delivering quality service globally. Panachamootil Motors joined hands with Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Private Ltd in 2012 and have established several networks in Kollam region and continuing to establish Sales and Service centers for the convenience of Customers.

We at Panachamootil are committed in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction at all levels of customer interaction.


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Deepam Complex, Randamkutty, Kollam, Kerala 691004

+91 98462 77711/+91 98462 77733


Panachamoottil Honda marks the foray of the Group into the Automotive field. Honda, known for its fundamental insistence on quality, is a natural fit to the quality standards that the Panachamoottil Group upholds. Visit us to know more at www.panachamoottil.com